As the hands&heart behind Wild Wanderthings, I gratefully enjoy my life as an intuitive artist, empath & energy worker, living in the abundance of sharing magic with others.🙌

I specialize in miniatures, fairycraft, gnomes, animal totem sculpture, herb+flower magick, energetic talismans and manifestation bobbles & bottles.

With everything I make, I intuitively blend the symbolism of herbal, flower and nature alchemy with ancient symbolism and the crystalline magic of the mineral world💫

🌙feel the magick of  nature☀️

I've long been under the spell of the elements.

The spark of a flame.

Moss beneath my toes.

The way the rain kisses my skin.

The feeling of the wind in my hair.

Spending many days wandering through the ferns and listening for the soft sound of faerie wings...

...forever a believer of wee folk, the fae, and the energy of the forest.

My childhood obsession to capture the healing magick of the natural world would grow into a passion to share that with others through my art and energy  work.

Using  crystals, herbs, and treasures from nature,  I enjoy intuitivly crafting energeticlly charged jewerly, home decor, and creative pieces of heARTwork.

Wandering this earth and sharing the magick is what makes my heart the fullest. I hope you can feel the energy of the forest when you take a piece of the Wandering Wilds into your home.  

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