Oracle Readings

Cartomancy has been a love language for me  for quite some time. The  little rectangles of enchanted wonder are like a sweet friend to me- always there with  the right words, advice, warnings, and encouragement, and guidance.

Within that family of  Divinatory tools- Oracle cards have always held a special place in my heart and the daily insight I receive from them over the  years has guided me toward living my most true, authentic self in a way  I  never imagined.

Using beautiful imagery, deep symbology, and  internal intuition, my beloved decks blend the  plant, animal, mineral, and mythological kingdoms to deliver archaic insights that help kindle internal dialogue and see deep rooted archetypes in our lives.

Many moments of  magick  have been shared with kindred souls looking for guidance and internal reflection. 

Over the last few years I've cultivated space both in my physical and mental realms to offer my blend of energy work and intuitive healing modalities  online and in person ~ whichever fits best into your journey. 

If you're interested in learning more about the  intuitive spiritual services  and alternative healing modalities I offer , you can contact  me directly at the bottom of this page. 

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Energy Work & Sound Healing

Energy Work
Everyone has an aura, or energetic field  surrounding their body.
It is what gives us that "glow" when we are  at our best self.
...picture it as a shimmering, swirling mass of light flowing 3 feet around your body.

Throughout life, certain energies from the people, places, and things of life can get "trapped" in your aura-  leaving you with  feelings and attachments that can affect you.

Using  earth energy, crystal healing, and  energetic visualization,  we will cleanse that aura, cut those cords, and leave your soul feeling lighter  and brighter.

Working with  energy has been practiced for  millenia in many different cultures.
Reiki is an energetic  healing modality  that was created in 1922 using these ancient systems of  channeling energy to heal others.

Following the Chakra system of energetic centers,  it uses source  energy  from the Universe to  cleanse, open, and balance these energy centers, bringing harmony and healing to the body on the cellular level.

After years of energetic preparation and study,  I received my Reiki attunement in 2017 and use this practice every day to bring energy, healing, and balance to myself  and others.
I use a  blend of reiki, crystal, and sound healing to align the chakras and balance the energetic body.

The photograph on the left is of my beloved Kitty , soaking up the healing vibes after one of my client sessions.

Sound Healing
The use of sound for healing is as old as time itself.
Civilizations have long made drums and instruments to help traverse the spirit world and bring healing to those around them. The power of sound is even mentioned in the Bible, with the walls of Jericho only being breeched with the powerful vibrations of sound energy. 

I utilize singing bowls daily in my own spiritual practice because the deep resonations of sound seem to reach down into my very being, bring a calming and centering energy to my mind, body, and soul almost instantly.

My set of crystal singing bowls are tuned to 432mhz, making them resonate with the same frequency as the Universe (mathematically speaking), bringing natural harmony and healing as we reconnect with source.

All three of these beautiful healing modalities are magical in their own right, and I like to combine them to create an energetic experience that can help to uplift, heal, and reset your soul.

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