Welcome to the  Bramble🥀

I'm  Becca Brambles creator,   cartomancer,  and
Fairie Hedgewitch of the Wandering Wilds.

I've been practicing  earth magick since early childhood,  with nature  being the  life giving force that has always kindled my internal flames. I spent many hours under tall pines,  grounding my tootsies in the  fragrant  earth , making mandalas , flower filled potion bottles, and tiny houses  for the Fae.

My interest in self healing and earth energy  only  grew as I got older,  and  my journey as an artist, creatrix & energyworker has taken me down  many paths and led me to gather an eclectic collection of healing modalities and life practices that elevate my soul and help me live each day as my best self.

I cultivated this space to beam some of this  knowledge, energy, insight, and healing out into the world for all who seek it.
Blessed be.

"She lives life with a handful of wishes and a pocketful of stones.

..an artist and poet.

Lover of the divine and a keeper of the light, creating is her outlet .

She enjoys  early afternoon card readings and journaling by candle light.

crystalline sounds may flow from her fingertips or she may spend hours  silently watching a spider weaving a web.

the most happy  when  sharing her  craft so she spends her days   bringing happiness and  healing to others and herself."

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